Non-ferrous metals


The company sells aluminum profiles, sections, extruded aluminum extrusions in rods, raw or anodized, and bars in commercial sizes (angles, channels, plates, tubes, ells) and special sizes according to drawing. It also supplies secondary aluminum ingots and zamac breads produced from recovered and revalued aluminum scrap.


M&S Global Investments can supply beryllium copper, tellurium copper in round bars or hexagonal bars, zirconium chrome copper in drawn or extruded bars, flat, round, square and unfired round copper tubes in rods or unfired copper tubes wound in hanks.


Electrolytic Nickel, with low concentration of impurities, for use as anodes for galvanic applications, and cathodes for chromium plating available in 25 mm and 40 mm squares in 200, 250 and 300 kg drums. Nickel requests are supported by one of our technical consultants, who can provide assistance and resolution to any problem.


We have a varied range starting from smooth, rectangular, square, oval ellipsoidal and regular round tubes, processed round tubes such as fine ribbed, grooved, rope and corded.

Round, square, flat and hexagonal bars. Baked, unbaked and semi-baked sheets. Various profiles, such as angular, L-shaped and channels.


Supply of semi-finished lead products for:

slabs 99.9% purity from thickness 0.5 mm. to thickness 5 mm.

loaves of 1st and 2nd smelting for ballast of 25 kg and 17 kg

cylinders raw 10 kg


We buy and sell zinc ingots SHG LME brand registered with the following chemical composition: nominal content ZN (99,995%), PB (max. 0,003%), CD (max. 0,003%), FE (max. 0,002%), SN (max. 0,001%), CU (max. 0,001%), AL (max. 0,001%).

The material is supplied in packages of ingots of about 1 ton. and the individual ingots weigh about 20 kg.


Loaves HG 99.85, 99.9 registered and unregistered trademarks, according to UNI 8S610-1996, low lead content, for foundry, food and electronic use.

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