Neutral stretch film

M&S Global Investments offers stretch film for industrial packaging both in jumbo format (in 50 or 60 kg reels) and for manual and automatic use (in 16 kg reels).
Our range includes standard films and technical films with high mechanical strength and high elongation properties (up to 300% pre-stretch).
We can supply all films in different thicknesses, from the lowest 17 µm values up to 60 µm. We use 100% non-toxic and recyclable materials.

Customized industrial films

M&S Global Investments offers several industrial polyethylene films in jumbo, automatic and manual formats that have a unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties that can withstand extreme temperatures and environments for a myriad of applications and processing techniques.
All these products can also be supplied in colored versions (black and white being the most requested) for protection from sunlight that could damage them or for privacy issues related to the contents of the packaged goods. lt is also possible to request customization with prints of your trademark.

Technical films

M&S Global Investments offers a range of films for laminating, adhesives, silicones.

We also supply multilayer technical films for (temporary or permanent) protection of steel, aluminium, glass, pre-painted metals, lacquered wood, PMMA, PET, PP, PVC profiles, etc.

Granules, technopolymers and thermoplastic resins

M&S Global Investments is a company specialized in technical consultancy and in the trade of plastic granules for the realization of all polymeric combinations useful for the creation of plastic products and packaging, for the sectors of toy production, household goods, packaging and cosmetics. Mainly we are able to offer: homopolymer polypropylene, shockproof polystyrene, high and low density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, technopolymers and thermoplastic resins.

Regenerated milled and granulated products

M&S Global lnvestments is dedicated to the technical consultancy and marketing of a wide range of milled products and polymers.
lt provides competitive products, researching new systems of sustainable development with respect for man and the environment.
We commercialize materials in the form of waste to grind, ground and granules (regenerated, off grade, virgin) mainly of: R-PE, R-PP, R-PA, R-PC, R-ABS, R-PS, R-SAN, R-PMMA, R-POM, R-PET and R­

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